The Meaning of Color

Colour Palette Story

“Unexpected Thanksgiving”

November 22, 2017
5:00 p.m.

Joe and his family were on the road enjoying themselves hearing music and singing out loud. Joe started doing a duet with his sister, suddenly Joe screams “Careful dad!”

November 21, 2017
9:00 a.m.

Joe woke up thrilled to know that tomorrow he was going on a road trip with his family for thanksgiving. They have been planning this trip to California for a month now. Joe went down to have breakfast and her sister, Sarah, was eating. Joe grabbed his scramble eggs with ham and some beans, and sits down beside Sarah.

They started talking about the nice holiday they were having. Sarah came up with the idea to go the Los Angeles and San Diego. She explained that there are beautiful beaches in those places, however she was excited to go to Disney and Universal. This made Joe eager to leave right that moment.

7:53 p.m.

Joe was chilling in his room playing Mario Kart, and his mom came to his room telling him to stop playing whatever his playing and start packing everything for tomorrow. Joe answer and continue playing.

November 22, 2017
12:53 a.m.

Joe forgot to pack and he was getting up in 4 hours. He starting packing as fast as he could considering that he was tired.

2:12 a.m.
Joe ended packing and went happily to sleep.

5:00 a.m.

“Wake up everyone is time to go” — Joe’s dad shouted. 
Joe woke up so tired that he felt his body had no strength to stand up and walk to the car. Joe got in the car and fell fast asleep.

4:58 p.m.

After a 12 hour ride, they felt joyful, because they were a couple of miles away from San Diego, California.

5:00 p.m.

Joe and his family were on the road enjoying themselves hearing music and singing out loud. Joe started doing a duet with his sister…suddenly Joe screams “Careful dad!”

A SUV hit them and the car started rolling. Joe saw everything in slow motion. He saw his dad been hit with starring wheel, his mom hitting her head into the window, finally his sister unconscious.

The car stop rolling over. Joe noticed a piece of window stabbed in his lungs; heavy breathing, looking outside to the sunset and music still playing “Here comes the sun” remembering all those happy memories “Here comes the sun” Joe knew, and with his last breath he sang to his family “And I say it’s all right”.

An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton

Lightpainting Photo

What does my voice look like?

Do I have the power to make myself exist in this world? And the answer is yes. The voice is an amazing tool the each one of us have. I’m not talking about singing voice, I’m talking about the voice to be heard. Everyone has the chance to communicate and to know people who connected with them. This is a way to feel like you belong somewhere and/or with someone.

I had the opportunity to kind of try this. I started I blog with other guys. I had to write a post, whilst writing it I felt like if I was expressing myself, but I normally don’t share my thoughts. I find it difficult to express my emotions, but I am sure that there is people out there who feel the same way as I do. I could related to someone just by sharing my part of my life in a blog or in any other social platform. Ask yourself, how easy could it be to find someone like you in a place that almost everyone has access to? Just be careful with who you are actually talking to.