Earth Day Experience

In our class of Art, Design & Technology we took upon ourselves to create different services to the students at Prepa Tec CCU. First we were divided into different teams, each with a different purpose. You could say the teams were different departments. For example, there was a marketing team, a music team, a tech team, etc. After having the different teams, the teacher gave us the instructions to come up with a variety of activities, services, and entertainment to present them in Earth Day (April 26th). To be more organized and responsible we were asked to make a timetable and mind maps with the respective duties each one have.

My team and I came up with good ideas. we divided the work so each can be responsible on a certain product and work on it effectively, however each one of us cooperate to make them all. One of the ideas was creating a countdown app. With Marvel app I made the countdown. It was not like any other countdown that says the days lefts and automatically changes. Instead, this app had leaves with the date from April 17th to April 28th. When you enter to the app you click on the day it is, when you click it sends you to a fun fact about planet Earth or Earth Day. Another ideas was creating gifs which consists of short videos (about 10–15 sec) and there is an animation of an earth floating in the hands of the people that participated. Also there was an animation about earth day. Likewise; there was a little trivia which was more interactive so people could see how much they know about things related to Earth Day.

Now for the personal experience during the process. The first day that we made the teams and decided who was going to do what, I could not stop thinking about how hard it will be to create the app of countdown and how to design it. The teacher told me to use Marvel app, and it made my life easier (props to my teacher for being a lifesaver). After getting to know how this site works, I could start working on the designing part of the app. I needed to find colors to match and fit with a green one since it was Earth Day. I am terrible with color combination, but their is a site that helped me to see which colors were alright (saved by my teacher once again). After having the design sort out, I easily made the prototype work. There is no need to write codes, it is just click this and that to go to another page. After having all the app done, I showed it to my teacher to see what she thought about it, and then the link for the app/prototype was publish on the facebook page.

Changing slightly the subject to the day of Earth Day at CCU experience. For me, the experience started when the prototype was published. Sadly I only saw one person use the app, but I didn’t expect more to use it to be honest. On the other hand, as a team I loved seeing the animation, videos and the animated logo used at that day. Also I enjoy watching people having fun at the green screen and wherever the gifs guys were at. It was a long time since I was part of a school project involving other students to participate in it. It was kind of a science fair, setting everything you prepared to show them to an audience.

To finish off, I want to talk about the experience in general of the whole class project. I thought that it was going to be really difficult to get each team interact and create synergy. But I was proved wrong, there was people from other departments getting involve with others to see on what the were working on and see what not to do so there is no repetitive service/entertainment. Also each team could help other teams out even in small things. For example, at the Seniors Lockdown everyone took part of a video filmed with a drone. Also this video recorded the live music performance by the music department. After all, even when we were teams, we helped each other to make a great Earth Day and experience for us and the audience who participated.

To see the prototype/app countdown: