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Augmented Reality Cornhole (ARC)

Augmented Reality Cornhole

Augmented Reality Cornhole (ARC) is a game created by Jackrabbit Mobile. This game uses your camera to mark the surface and object to create a VR game. This game consist on throwing sacks and get them on the hole, hence the name “Cornhole”. If the sack goes inside the hole its worth 3 points, on the other hand if it is not in the hole (as shown in the image) it counts as a 1 point.

I tested the game and it was pretty cool. However, you need to meet certain requirements to play the game. Also you need space since it makes you move 5 steps backward to play.

This is a nice way to entertain yourself and your friends. If you are looking to pass time doing something different this is it.


MovieMogul made by Matt Aitken

MovieMogul is a website that helps you find movie to watch and has several lists. MovieMogul was created by Matt Aitken (

If you are a movie fanatic you´ll love this site. The site has list of top movies of 2016, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and more. Also in each list you can mark the movies you´ve seen. As this site is free, public opinion its taken in consideration and everyone can rate the movie. In addition, professional movie critics are used for this ratings.

MovieMogul site is easy to use. The design is quite simple and manageable. It is attractive because its background is black and the color for the font comes out. Also is easier to see the movie poster while looking for one.

In a personal view, this site seems to be helpful, because it helps me to find movie that: one I have never heard and two have good ratings. Also it keeps track of movies that you had seen, and for someone who is so distracted, me, is a life savior.

MovieMogul site:

Marvel for Sketch

Ever wanted to design an app? Marvel for Sketch is your go to way. This plugin looks nice and the newest update lets you record while using your prototype. Yes, your prototype which you can use and work along side with it.

This seems a great way to entertain yourself and to put your creativity into work. Who knows maybe your app is going to be the next “Snapchat”. Also it looks simple enough to use, and if you are out of ideas Marvel gives you some inspiration for free.

In a personal opinion I would get this plugin, creating apps that might go viral. Now-a-days anything could go viral and could last longer than vine.

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters is an original game, at least I haven’t seen one like this. The mechanical of this game is interesting. You swipe your finger to cut the world and move it to reach the goal. This puzzle looks like fun and challenging. The graphics are good and soundtracks is good as well, according to some reviews of this game. It is available in the Appstore and it cost. This app is still in editor’s choice, however it seems as a cool game that you can spend hours in it.