Product Hunt №3

As we are in work, school, even housewives, we have many things to do. I’m terrible and awful when it has to do with keep an order in my life, personally I manage myself as I’m spending my time. Whenever we are assigned something to do on teams, for example, recently we had to do a video, we struggle to find a space where we can all work. With this scheduler we can arrange ourselves, is like having Siri literally as a personal assistant. You just need to make a profile tell Clara all your events, remainders and so. Whenever you want, you can customise your availability, not necessarily your free time. We all need breaks. Then add a contact with a profile and you just need to ask “Clara, find us time to meet next week.” It analyse both profiles and arrange something in between you both. It can be virtually or physically. If you ask clara to find a place, which can also do, it is included in your event. Like, if somebody else assign to meet in a specific place and you don’t know where is located, it includes an accurate map and routes to it. The statistics of efficiency are very high, almost perfect. It has very positive reviews about its usage. The only bad characteristic, the only that keeps people form having it is that is very expensive. I would recommend this app primarily for business man, who are, in my point of view, the most busy man.