What does my voice look like?

What does my voice look like? A question made to be answer by the way I express myself, the things I share with others, the “why” of our blog assignment. I belive this has nothing to do as I didn’t choose to make a blog, I was assigned to. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome activity despite the conflicts we had. I think that the beauty of the voice is found in the fact that it cannot be seen. I can write with caps TO SHOW THAT I’M RAISING MY VOICE, or give. points. to. make. dramatic. aspect. 
I may share a photo album of pictures to show my family, but am I really showing my family in there? I truly think that sounds can’t be seen, images can’t be talked. As I’m writting this assignemt I’m thinking of the message that I want to transmit. I know that people will get what they only understand, but not what I want to explain. It is this same assignment that gives my voice a look. A look that shows that I’m not afraid to show what I think. Our values speak, our personal stuff speak, our social networks speak, etc; The same way our actions do, in my opinion, the most important of all. 
As I’m growing, living, I’m searching for who I am, we all are. I’m looking for the things that make me who I am. For example, I’m a person full of love. I think that the base of our social problems are not necesarily based on hate but in the lack of love. I can’t be here and there talking about this, but the message people will probably get is that I’m a cheesy person. So, instead, I try to give all the possible love to everyone, specially the ones who matter the most to me. Taking in consideration that every person has a limit of love to receive, in my opinion. I do this mostly with my friends, I think that people grow more by the influence of other people. Love can show many things like patience, respect, listening, prudency, things that I expect could show a certain attitude that can be scaleted way much bigger in a world full its lackness. Wars. Banned Migration. Human Rights. Global Warning. Pollution. Security. LGBT issues. In my persoal point of view, it all come back to me in the lack of love.
It’s what we show to others what speak for us. So if I tried to give my voice a color, I would probably choose the color of actions.

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