1. Camera (Photo/video): In the app, you will be able to post instant photos and also we will create group supports, and by the mean of a webcam you can connect to those around you.
  2. GPS: We intend to develop emergency lines and alerts for people who need immediate support or are in danger, and throughout a GPS the police can find you easily without the need to make a phone call.
  1. Microphone: When you need to make a call, record a video or a voice note, or be in a online group support, this tool will be very helpful.
  2. Touchscreen: The app will have features where you would will need the touchscreen, like studying the articles that are posted so that you can highlight stuff or when you are looking throughout a lookbook or a set of pictures and gifs.




SafeTrek: Aside from creating a more unified world, we want to secure personal safety as for our everyday life and we want to have an application like 911 when you feel in danger, and that’s exactly what SafeTrek has. The app make you feel you are not alone, like if you had someone protecting you. If you feel scared you hold your thumb on the safe button and once you are safe release the button and enter your 4 digit pin. But if you are in danger you release the button and do not enter your pin. Your local police will be notified of your location.


bSafe: very similar to SafeTrek, sends an alert to your friends and love one for them to know that you arrive safely


Pacifica: This app the most similar to our, because it has the name idea or issue: make us all feel better and more positive. This anxiety, stress, & depression relief app help you with those related problems with the certain tools provided.



-Consistency: Because the app will contain emergency lines, medical information and cultural articles, we intend to use well-know icons and universal language for everyone to understand better.

-Feedback: We do not intend the app to shows results of any kind on how the people are progressing with whatever problem they have, but more for experts and other people as well to make notice for their improvement.

-Aesthetic Integrity: We want this app to be global, it will be a challenge but we will try to make the design the most aesthetic possible, with people being able to personalize it but also make one thing that unifies us all.

Lesson 10 — Parameters and Results: Hand to Hand

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