2016.03.24 Thu

His birthday

Today is a special day. It’s one of my best friends’ birthday!!! His name is Sun Sung. He is a very important guy in my life. We grew up together. Our parents are all Christians. We went to the church every weekends. Why I said he is really important to me? He is a very nice person. Every time I feel sad or someone makes me angry, he always makes me laugh. He is a funny guy. He listens to me when I have some feelings. One day of few years ago, he showed his feelings to me. I like him very much too, but I don’t want to be her girlfriend then. Because..I think I was too little and I want to be his best best friend more than a girlfriend!! If I said yes, maybe one day we would argue then break up, if happen, we won’t even be a friend.

Now we are still best friend. Although sometimes we have a little embarrassed, but I think, that’s Ok.

Happy birthday, my best friend.❤

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