Floating object

The building that I made is 1st blight street, and I try it step by step through the evolution of the process, different materials, finally decided to use the wire to show the floating of the building.

The Toyo Ito is known as “One of the world’s most innovative and influential architects“ who has won the 2013 Pritzker prize – one of the most prestigious awards for architects. Buildings with structures that appear to be floating can be caused by various effects as Toyo Ito has demonstrated in his works. I was influenced by Tod’s Omotesando Building (2004) due to its tree-like structure . The building is surrounded by a skin of interlocking concrete supports and glass, mimicking the trees lining the street. The organic effect outside of the building is particularly impressive in the cooler months, when the bare branches of the trees reflected in the building, which creates a feeling of being in nature.

Using Toyo Ito’s work of Tod’s Omotesando Building as inspiration, I have chosen the 1st blight street building, as my existing structure. I made 6 models which are needed to be developed further.

By looking for my first model, the it’s a squared without the centre, the reasoned that I made it because of the first impression for me of the building was look like this.

and then I changed it as a circle, because In fact the appearance of the building was look like this from out side, the materials that I used is foam boat and surround with the plastic paper, which shows the glass.

After that I made my third model and the fourth model, I change the shape of those model, which is irregular. The reason that I did I that because inside of the 1st blight building was kind of look like this, For the third model I still using the foam board as the materials, but for the fourth model I changed it as wood, and still keep the plastic paper, to surround of the building.

For the fifth model that I made is lot of different between the fist four model, because I totally changed the materials of it, which is the wire. I bended the wire in the circular, and then connect them together, become a cylindrical, and made two different size, one as the centre, the other is the wall. And use the plastic paper to surround it.

The last model I decide to used wire as the only materials, without the plastic paper.

And the reason that I chooses it, because I think without the plastic paper, and direct to show the messy and irregular of the wire circle are more prominent of the technique “ floating object”. And the straight wire can have the effect of fixed, can also give the model a primitive and nature feeling, as a haven’t finished steel.




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