Wow, so important and so well said Andrew Rasmussen.
Kevin Sproles

Thanks for reading it, Kevin! I’m curious how you found my post?

One thing I believe pretty strongly is that getting a large group of people to do anything is near impossible. So rather than getting people to play the game differently, we need to change the rules.

Take composting. You can make people feel bad for not composting, but at the end of the day not everybody is going to do it. But if you outlaw plastic then people would be forced to use more environmentally friendly materials.

Not saying we should outlaw plastic, but you get the point.

I hear a lot of people argue that capitalism is the best way to get companies to create value, because you need to create value to make money. I personally can’t think of a better system, but it would be nice if “creating value” was more aligned with the “greater good”.

I think part of the problem is most of the money is at the top, so making money means creating value for those at the top. If money were more evenly distributed among everyone then “creating value” would be more closely aligned with the “greater good”.

This is why I’m a huge fan of the research going on around universal basic income. On a global scale, it seems like it’d improve the lives of billions, and properly align “creating value” with the “greater good” rather than benefiting the few.

You say you think about this stuff all the time, what’s on your mind?