Here is my poorly organized list of Design Resources. There, horder status unlocked. Also, this is my reference doc, if anything, so I will be adding to it when I see new things.

You can probably find all this with a google search. But if you can not, I have googled it for you.

All Kinds of good stuff from InVision Blog

If you are into design, you probably need this — http://agiledesigners.com/

Design Samples and Patterns:

http://www.mobile-patterns.com/ — For mobile UI Samples — iOS.

http://www.pttrns.com/ - Another mobile UI patterns repository for iOS.

http://graphicburger.com/ — UI And Design Kits, buttons, PSDs.

http://www.dissolve.com/ HD Video resourses that don’t suck. (for video BGs especially)

http://www.goodui.org/ — For when you are in doubt if you are doing it right.

http://app.itize.us/ — Currated well designed apps.

http://wearui.co/ — Wearable UI samples.

http://ui-cloud.com/ aperantly the most extensive UI database — maybe not as useful due to noise.

http://thepatternlibrary.com/ Amazing BG patterns

http://subtlepatterns.com/ Subtle Patterns

http://codepen.io/patterns/ Collection of design patterns and code samples.

http://eskimoblood.github.io/gerstnerizer/ Make your own patterns.


http://www.chartjs.org/ JS Charts, what else do you need?

Sketch App Resources:







Mastering the Bezier Curve in Sketch


http://pngify.me/index.php?c=Application Application icon creator

thenounproject.com — any icon you can think of. In SVG (!) and imports phenomenally well into Sketch App.

http://mapglyphs.com/ Map Icon Font

http://glyphsearch.com/ MoAre icons!

http://roundicons.com/ MoAaare icons!

http://iconmelon.com/ Icons gimme gimme!

Stock Images That Don’t Suck:

Thank you Dustin Senos for these: https://medium.com/@dustin/stock-photos-that-dont-suck-62ae4bcbe01b

Embed your screenshots into natural product shots:



Prototyping Tools:

I guess that’s it.


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