Intruduction of Pawnfi

What is pownfi?

Pownfi is a Defi protocol and the first prototol of lending and leasing, which allows Non Standard Asserts as collaterals. Non Standard Asserts covers NFTs, liquidity provider tokens ,tokenized rights, such as insurances, bills ,bonds, etc and long tail asserts.

What problems does it solve?

As we all know, comparable with standard tokens such as BTC ,ETH and other mainstream tokens, Non Standard Asserts always encounter the small liquidity. It makes low capital efficiency and huge inconveniences to its holders and users. Pawnfi aims to unlock the liquidity of this Non Standard Assets through lending and leasing. Specifically, holders can collateral its Non Standard Assets to borrow money or give up its use rights to receive deposits on Pawnfi. Due to innovation, Pawnfi has achieved divestiture of asset ownership , use rights, and earning rights, so that asset holders and users can unlock the liquidity, add cash flow and maximize capital efficiency.

Which chains does it support?

Pawnfi prioritizes support several chains, including ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum and Moombeam. As a multi-chain protocol, Pawnfi will compatible to more chains in the near future.

What advantage does it has?

Compared with other lending protocol as we know, like AAVE, Compound, Pawnfi support a wide range of assets besides mainstream tokens. The assets as the gragh shows:

What funds does it received?

Pawnfi raises 3 million funding leading by DCG, including Dapp Labs, Polygon, Animoca Brands and other famous ventures.



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