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While email is still considered the number one communication tool in the business world, the second has to be real-time instant messaging. This channel has taken many forms over the years, from the old days of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), the chatroom has evolved into a rich media experience, integrating deeper into our working (and social lives).

One of the well known players in this space is Slack, a web based messaging system from the founder of the photo sharing property Flickr. …

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With many of our due diligence engagements, we often hear, proudly from the CEO, how they are “in the cloud”, as if that is a special code word for quality and scalability — therefore, we don’t need to waste time looking any further, box checked. Oh if only it was that simple.

Fortunately, we take the ‘trust but verify’ attitude and perform a detailed look anyway, which is good, as we seldom find a setup that can’t be radically improved. …

One of the most important responsibilities you have is keeping your systems secure from those that don’t have any right to them. This is typically secured through some sort of authentication model with the username/password combination reigning king. You have may heard about clear text passwords being stored and wondered what the fuss is all about. Let me clear that up for you in this piece.

the premise

Securing a system involves the user typing in the email/user-id, along with their password, which a server then checks before permitting access. To make this check, you have to keep a record…

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No one likes to hear dripping. Two problems are forming with this innocent constant sound — loss of the liquid itself, and more importantly, the damage that is being caused by the escaping substance as it finds a new home. We can all sympathize and understand the logistics around a dripping tap or pipe. Did you know data leaks too?

How does that manifest?

Let us first of all define what we mean by data leakage. This is the accidental, or unintended, sharing of data when performing another function. Sounds implausible doesn’t it? …

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It is only the 8th month of 2019 and we are already racking up quite the list of data breaches, by a variety of means including direct hacking, poor security, disgruntled employees and social engineering. The first week of August alone, has witnessed not just one massive data breach but two hitting the headlines — Capital One (106M users) and StockX (6.8M users).

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Are you are a CEO/CFO curious if you need a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)? Are you are an inspiring CTO ready for the next step in your career? The role of CTO has many meanings with the responsibilities ranging dramatically from company to company and company size. The role of CTO is one of the most exciting and varied roles at the executive level.

Alan Williamson and Jim Headley share experiences supporting private equity clients and their portfolio companies to recruit for the right CTO to lead and inspire through periods of high growth.

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Jim and Alan interviewing Jim Milbery from ParkerGale

We were honored to have some time with Jim Milbery, founding partner of ParkerGale Capital, a private equity firm that specializes in growing founder-led companies, to discuss how the world looks from their side of the desk.

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Storing data seems a rather trivial task these days given the sheer amount of storage options available. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to give consideration to the type of data, ownership, security and aging properties. Alan talks with Jim and Jeff on the sort of things you should be mindful of.

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You’ve probably heard the fancy term, Business Intelligence, and we would wager more likely than not you are already doing some form of BI without even realizing. Alan probes Jim on this episode to help those get a real start in the world of BI without having to blow the IT budget.

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SalesForce eh? That is that tool for tracking sales leads isn’t it? In the beginning maybe, but SalesForce had a vision way beyond just helping sales team. Jim and Alan jump into what SalesForce is and why it is a popular choice in the P/E space.

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