Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted- He’s Not A Victim, Says This Niece of Vincent Chin
Annie Tan

I am in total support of Annie!! While I applaud at the fact that Chinese Americans finally voice their opinion in public, I denounce the tactics of pulling in all past cases and Chinese of all age and professions into their call. I feel misrepresented! The rally claim does not represent the voice of every Chinese American in New York!

I bear deep sorrow for the death of Akai Gurley. Race, age and other classifications of either man are irrelevant here. It is a tragedy that a young man, a father of a toddler, should lose his life, regardless of who the shooter is or how the gun came to be fired. And this person, intentional or not, should face consequences. Isn’t this we teach our children: go up and say sorry. In this case, sorry is not enough. It’s a life taken.

Peter Liang is not abandoned by the union or the NYPD. He operates under the conception that if it’s unintentional, then there is no crime. Why other people got away with it and he can’t? Worse off, his supporters reassure him this and so he whines to the whole world that injustice is done on him. He supporters told him to dump the union and continue to live in his nutshell.

NYPD and NYCHA will be sued at the civil court. This doesn’t lessen the wrongdoing of Peter Liang. He can say the other parties are at fault but he should admit his big mistake first.

So true, if positions are switched: a cop of color came in and shot unintentionally at a Chinese person, will the Chinese rally for the cop if convicted????? Will they say the cop was brought to trial based on racial discrimination?

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