Behind the Scenes of Mark Zuckerberg’s Manifesto
Steven Levy

>>determining the design principles by which our communities function,<<
Hmmm… I wonder if he is using biology, anthropology, history and other subjects to do that. I thought he was more of a technologist.

>>He is explicitly constructing no less than a roadmap for a new global social infrastructure.<<
He says what he is trying to do, but he is a bit more vague about what he is trying to solve. Will forming communities solve it anyway? It’s like the problem you see when considering what would happen if you suddenly had access to cheap, plentiful, clean energy? Well, then you would see other problems. I mean is lack of a global social infrastructure the most important or even most critical problem? If you were to >>build a global set of meaningful communities with five purposes: support, safety, trusted and open information, civic engagement, and inclusion<< then what problems would you see that needed addressing? Heck, is a technical communication solution even what is needed to build a global community?

I’m very glad that Mr. Z is of that opinion and doing that, but maybe there is more to it than he knows. Others see this same crisis, but from many different points of view. Really, most people I ask will readily agree we are in a moral crisis, but is it because of lack of communication? We sure are in a >>“stormy present,”<<, but why and what will it take to resolve it? I have to think Mr. Z isn’t covering enough and certainly not the root causes. Humanity faces so many problems, including lack of community, which is important, but there are more problems than that and if you study them enough, you find they are all related. You also understand that the solutions must be related. Actually “forming a world community” is one of the most important solutions that must be accomplished, but it is really related to a second or third level problem above the root problem. It is not that we must create a new post tribal community, we must create an entirely new world. If I may quote my latest book… “Humans are between two ecologies. The so called hunter gatherer tribal ecology we left that has been replaced by the farms and cities of civilization and whatever ecology will follow that. We are now in a transient ecology, which is a dangerous place for a specie to be. We must create a new relatively stable ecology where humans can survive and develop long term.” The community will be an important part of it, but Mr. Z’s technology and understanding will not get us there. … Having researched this problem for over four decades, may I say that if you want to see the first step to solving the root problem, check out Genetics For A New Human Ecology. The rest of the solution will be in Strategy For A New Human Ecology, an important part of which will be the foundation for that new world community and it is not based in technology… That just isn’t what community has ever been based on. It is a moral problem, not a technical one.
I will say that the comment >>a global crisis where humanity itself has edged away from comity and descended into tribalism and finger-pointing. This is our “stormy present,”<< is so true. We will continue to move back to tribal habits unless we can find a new human world / community / ecology to move to to fully replace that one. We will have to adapt to that ecology genetically and strategically. The dangers are greater and nearer than they appear, but the potentials are as great as human aspiration.
Oh and a hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Z!!!

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