Content Used to Be King. Now It’s the Joker.

I do understand you. I also can tell you a related story. I am passionate about a subject. Few know it better than me and few have my knowledge (make it two subjects) People that read what I put on a website devoted to the topic love what I write, because I obviously am such an enthusiast. One gent said, when he found out who I was, that he always printed out my posts when he saw them. (I’m easy to please.) I used to sent articles to magazines devoted to those topics. All I could figure from the lack of response was that the magazines didn’t really want content. They could generate all the content they really needed to maintain their market as a platform for advertisements. Their’s was not as good as mine probably 60% of the time, but really, they didn’t have any use for my content.

In a larger context of what you write though, creativity and money perhaps, you describe a problem. You describe it as a problem that is progressing. Come on, we all know where this is leading. So clearly it is part of a bigger problem, how modern economics works. Do you see it getting better or getting worse? Really, it is just one problem of a number that our society faces. I can tell you, they are all related and so are the solutions. There is the problem. You see a problem and maybe some solutions. What you don’t see is how it relates to some other problems and you are unlikely to see the solution that is needed that is related to all of those. … We need a completely new plan…