58% of high-performance employees say they need more quiet work spaces.
William Belk

I looked at this article thinking this seems correct, lets see what it’s about. It says far more than the title hints at. It is correct that you don’t want to waste my time with distractions, but you also don’t want to waste my time asking me to collaborate or socialize or constantly brain storm. Look, I’ve worked hard to learn this and very very few can do what I do. I’ll be happy to teach them even if they want to learn and you want me to take the time, but you don’t hire me for the problems that many others can solve. It can take me two days to set up everything I need to do a power session to solve a hard problem. Hah… May I quote a document I wrote today as part of a guide I am putting together as I explore a new technology. “The solution to [this problem] takes many parts that are scattered widely. You will kneed to know these concepts first (OAuth internal methods, the Postman API tool, the two methods of operation of the technology, the SDKs, the API, a few other things) Then follow this path to begin your test setup, make a test application (refer to this Code Project Article as a starting point). Then watch these 6 videos on You Tube. THEN follow the instructions I have here to start putting everything together. Yahhhh, I could do that in a crowded, loud room.

Could you imagine me at a table with other programmers around me at my elbows. I would get nothing done and I’m actually better at ignoring distractions than are most people. How would I get my 15 minute catnap that doubles my productivity for the second half of the day?

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