Five Things to Learn From Uber’s Implosion
umair haque

My My, all the negativity. I understood the article just fine… though, yes, that word. Still, we have created a world that many of us hate. DT got elected by a lot of people that just want to burn it all down. Attention should be paid to that and if automation is handled wrong, our society will be burned down by its members. Much of our social norms and values are being dictated by people out of touch with the vast majority. The wealthy are pushing various flavors of Libertarianism to advance their wealth at the cost of the rest of society. Social Media is being used to manipulate us politically. So many companies want to be like Uber — a few employees, an infrastructure in the cloud and everyone is just expected to give them money. Don’t be surprised if there is a bit of pushback by the folks just trying to get by and take care of their children.

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