Text vs. World Trumps
Hossein Derakhshan

Nice discussion, but may I add what may be a more basic cause.

The first (maybe) aspect of Western Philosophy was Rhetoric, that is persuasive speaking… what it seems you are talking about here and very good for politics. The second aspect of Western Philosophy was Critical Thinking, a tool for verifying the truth of Rhetoric. It used to be that an educated person was by default a well read one, Reading books- by the author describing the thought processes of the characters, how they solve problems, mistakes they make and their resolutions — teaches Critical Thinking by default. Modern electronic media just does not do that. People are not taught classical Critical Thinking skills and so are poor at evaluating the truth of their own or other people’s statements and beliefs… Don’t you see it every day!!!

Really, we must teach the classical skills of Critical Thinking. Reading needs to be promoted more as does Critical Thinking techniques in electronic media… (Notably Anime does this some.)