The current political climate and Babylon 5 — Have you noticed the similarity?

In Babylon 5 you had two factions in conflict. One was the various groups of civilization that were often disorganized and quarreling, but were all just trying to survive and grow. The other group was the Shadows — old, secretive, organized and willing to casually destroy anything to gain their power. 
In the back story though, both were supposed to represent progress and development — one by the principle of order and one by chaos. Both should be considered as moral strategies and they tell stories about today’s politics. One side is organized, but knows its methods are unpopular with most people, so it uses manipulation from the shadows. It’s organization and drive for power gives it great ability to succeed. The other is disorganized, brainless and corruptible. It’s ambition is to comfortably survive, not to conquer. Both are actually driven by ideology and so tend to go towards the extremes.
In the end, through the pain inflicted by those not caring if they inflict pain, they again teach the moral lessons of cooperation that make civilization work and make it so powerful. That moral strength can then fight back the darkness. It is just a question of how much pain is involved first and how fast the moral lessons of civilization their ancestors fought for can be relearned. The forces of chaos eventually lose, because they cannot resist the power of people working together to make a better world for their children. Also their goal is power and so they eventually always turn on each other.

Another fantasy story that is a morality play about a deadly serious issue would be the beautiful masterpiece “The Wall”. It showed that the fickle emperor and his court had forgotten that the ravenous evil still existed waiting to return and had lost heir moral strength in the pursuit of trivial possessions and powers. Others remembered that evil is never destroyed and must be fought back each generation by all good men and women. It is the moral struggle of survival. There too, evil was shown as taking its power from organization and violence. It too consumed civilization. The moral lesson of that story was about a monster long fought by humanity of all cultures, greed.

The Liberal wing of American politics was corrupted. For all that HRC was brilliant, honest and a servant of the people, she represented the status quo which had been co-opted by the forces of greed. No matter how personally evil DT might be, he is the wrecker of chaos. Maybe he was necessary. The status quo had to be broken. Our system right now is in the hands of the money lenders. Wages have been stagnant for decades. The necessities of life are becoming unfordable. Child poverty is at an all time high. The young are disengaging from society because they cannot afford homes and are even forgoing children because they are too expensive. Health care is the symbol of this. It is horribly inefficient and ruinously expensive, your very life depends on it. Yet it is run to make wealth for the owners.

Like in Babylon 5, will the forces of civilization win and come out stronger for it because of the moral rejuvenation forced upon them or will the darkness fall as chaos destroys the civilization that the shadow people think they can control and suck dry forever? Health care may be the extreme that changes things. The “wrecker” is going to make a bad situation worse. Many people now know about alternative health care systems in other countries that work better. Can We The People become the owners of the health care system? It is an ancient struggle between those that want to control others and those that need to learn the moral lessons to control themselves. If they can learn those lessons, they will be free of the shadows that destroy to gain control. When they forget, the shadows will return.

In biology we learn that the predators will grow until they eat all the prey, the prey learns to escape or the prey learn to fight back. Humans of civilization need to learn to starve the predator humans and fight back. They can only fight back by working together, something the predators know to prevent.
To me, the question is how can we teach each generation the moral lessons that will preserve civilization which our lives depend on against those that would destroy it for their goals. How many times can the world go back to a place where only the most ruthless can survive and still find a way from there to the civilization where humanity’s only future as more than animals exists? I write about how humanity can create a new world by strategic and genetic adaptation. The moral lessons are perhaps the most important, but if you want to see the genetic part, I have published that Genetics For A New Human Ecology. I’m working on Strategy For A New Human Ecology currently that describes many other parts including what I hope is a powerful description of what morality is.

… Wait, maybe I was thinking of Star Wars…