Exponential growth devours and corrupts

— — the kind of responsibility the world so dearly needs. —

—- we’re in dire need of a strong counter culture—-

It sounds like you are saying we need one thing that is both life and death important and extremely valuable in a real sense of value, that cannot be faked or commoditized. Something that does not ask for responsibility, but demands it. Something that absolutely demands understanding. “No, this is not free, you have to work for it. There are no short cuts and you have no choice.” That sounds reasonable to me, but what on Earth could that be? As you said, our future depends on it. Well, what does our future depend on and is at risk? … Hey, I have a thought - genes. They are basic to life. Are there any things going on there that might look like a genetic crisis? Well, we have completely changed out reproductive habits — doubled reproductive age and reduced family size. Ya know, that, along with medicine would make a huge reduction in natural selection and natural selection is the agent that keeps our genes healthy. Really, we’ve done a terrific job of reducing natural selection and we call it human progress. I wonder if there will be any consequence. Hey, that would be about life and death, wouldn’t it? Maybe the future won’t be just about money and technology. Genes are a form of wealth, just no one talks about it, because they don’t understand it. I guess it’s same about any dangers of removing natural selection. Oh Yah, I remember, you want a solution to what you have described. Well, maybe if we had a genetic disaster, it would focus people’s minds on what is real and important. Yah, that’s the ticket. Oh… I forgot. There’s already a book about that — Genetics For A New Human Ecology…. WEll… you still might find it interesting as it is what you describe… sort of.