Want Your Children to Survive The Future? Send Them to Art School
Dustin Timbrook

This is all well and good, but I have to think it is flawed. This makes an assumption that is common that the systems we use are not going to change fundamentally, but we live in a clearly unsustainable system. You even define it. No one but some artists have jobs. I think not. Consider what has happened in the music industry. It only provides a good living for a few… who are marketed and make more money for the people putting up the capital. Far more likely than the artists coming out on top, is that the capitalists, the ownership class would come out on top. When they can rely on machines and the Uberization of the artists, there will be no economy. A few people will make money on gigs and a few stars will actually make big money… All the rest can just eat beans?

This also makes the assumption that continual novel creativity will be necessary. That goes against all biological principles. Just look at it on the technical level. Can you suggest a qualitative improvement to the smart phone? Say you can, maybe provide some virtual reality capability, but then… another capability would be needed. Where does it stop? In your system, it never does. Your system is theoretical, not real. Life is real and your system makes no sense for the living. It is good for technological advances, but do you know a purpose for that?

It’s like science. It has gotten so powerful that it is revealing the questions that science cannot answer. Automation is one of those, genetic technology is another. You have the capability, so how do you use it? Humans are so capable and powerful now that they must ask what do they want to do with their power. Some will figure out that the oldest challenge of all, survival is the most important. The others will pass. The answers will be found where they have been found before. One tool they will use we know of from Ancient Egypt, the understanding of the importance of Balance - Praise be to Maat. They will relearn what the philosophers of ancient Greece learned, how to discern truth.

As for a new system to replace the old, gads, I bore myself repeating, just read “Transition To A New Human Ecology” at Amazon and you will forget this sillinous.