School Isn’t Uber And Never Should Be
Shanna Peeples

What you say is true from a moral standpoint, but it is also true from a practical standpoint. When humans left the natural ecology that we called the Hunter-Gatherer ecology that we evolved in, we started creating a new ecology for ourselves. That is quite unusual. Rarely if ever before had a specie lived in an ecology it had created (perhaps beavers could be called an exception). Consider the ecology to be our life support system. The new ecology we created is called Civilization, which is an unusual description of an ecology, but it allows about 20 times as many people to live in the same place that tribal humans could live in. It is a creation of the combined effort of humans working together for the common good. It is threatened by those that want to take advantage of the ecology, but have a selfish attitude that they do not want to contribute to its preservation. The cost of Civilization is taxes. Taxes are not evil. They are the cost of survival of our Civilization and Society. … Now there are also strategies related to function of and survival in a Civilization. They are the moral beliefs that we should work together and that we help each other. Those beliefs came to us through Christianity and other Western moral traditions, but that is another story. I will say though that the current common selfish beliefs commonly called Libertarian are anti-Society and anti-Civilization. It is extremely immoral.

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