Amazon Echo Is Magical. It’s Also Turning My Kid Into an Asshole.
Hunter Walk

You have an excellent topic here, but maybe you want to look at it differently. Consider the lowly hamburger. What if you could make it without the need of a cow, say either tissue culture or 3D printer, etc.? Extend that further, what if developments in technology made it so you didn’t need any animals to provide food at all? The fake stuff tastes better, is cheaper to produce and has less environmental impact. Really, I understand the “tastes better” part is probably more important. It might not be beef even. In history, peacock tongue was considered a great delicacy. It could be anything just as long as it is tasty and practical to produce. Not only would raising animals for food become obsolete, it would soon come to be considered barbaric. Really, it’s fairly barbaric now, but we are used to it from a long history of doing it and a real need. We have had to believe that animals are for eating or we would starve. How we think about it is all important. As part of my study of human survival requirements, I study philosophy some (to determine what philosophical beliefs are required for human survival) and there are a few things we believe that are quite important, like the value of reason that is the basis of both Greek Philosophy and Kant’s “Categorical Imperative”. I think you would accept that the belief that reason is valid is a quite important belief to human survival. I know of about six beliefs that I think qualify as important to long term human survival. They are called philosophy, because they are learned premises that may not be obvious, but we have learned their importance… like the validity of reason. Really, we need philosophy in that sense to avoid making mistakes… ie. “don’t believe in magical outcomes”, instead follow reason. In my study of human survival, I believe it is critical distinguish between machines and and humans. If that is forgotten, we will treat them like humans… That is just how the human mind works. The problem is that in the future humans are going to have to make choices between humans and machines and if we “feel” that machines are human like, we are likely to make very dangerous mistakes. I could put it a lot of ways, but it might be best if your daughter is trained to have a strong contempt for machines as if they were cows or she may end up in a relationship with one, which might be satisfying, but not good for survival. Really, like most things related to morality, it is more important what she is taught, rather than what she is not taught and she should be taught to respect humans, but not machiens. Sorry, but it is just becoming a more complicated world.