Disclaimer: 本人與Tornade Cash專案及其員工無任何利益往來。

Tornado Cash是一個Ethereum上的原生隱私轉帳解決方案,使用zk-SNARK+Merkle Tree的路徑證明作為其核心隱私保護機制。

你知我知,Ethereum上的交易記錄是公開的,這使得任何一個人只要知道你的address,便可以在https://etherscan.io/ 之類的網站上查出有多少人和這個位置進行過交易,你做過什麼消費行為或是交易行為等。


但試想下開情境:因為我曾經使用ethereum捐款給一個政治不正確的專案/組織,而我在接受dd/kyc/reference check的時候因為我的ethere …

In case you’re still using it

Damn it, it’s everywhere

Please check the second half of this article for English version.


我想應該很明顯沒有要重新上架的意思,畢竟只做輸入法他們也沒法賺錢。Time to move on.

但如果你像我一樣偏執,死不改變輸入習慣也不想move on,又不在意觸寶後臺送了一卡車隱私統計資料出去,要怎麼處理掉下面這個煩人的廣告?

I hate Android 9/10 fonts fallback behavior.

All thanks to John Wu and the awesome Magisk, so this is possible.

tl;dr: Download this: https://github.com/29988122/Magisk-Modules-PixelFonts-Android-10

This is for demonstration and education purpose only, of how to make a Magisk installer/wrapper. I’ll remove the copyrighted fonts when asked.
Please make sure you own the rights to use these fonts by Google or by htc!

I bought a htc U12+ Mayday customized edition some other day, and then I felt absolutely betrayed by it. The default fonts is some customized curvy fonts from hell, and the com.htc_launcher app is buggy as hell to the point that I cannot even change the fonts back to Roboto properly.

Utilizing this the base script by Lupin…


其實Chain of Fools那篇已經寫得超級清楚了…不過畢竟是英文的。


Disclaimer: 沒有一個思路是我原創的。因為英文大概有些人會看得很累,稍微整理個tl;dr給大家而已 — 有講錯請不吝修正,因為那代表大概原本逆的人搞錯了 XD



NSA從DoD的網域那邊發了一篇 “Patch Critical Cryptographic Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Clients and Servers”²,然後微軟也從善 …

asynchronous collaboration FTW

The whole “leaking” in chronological order is kind of cool.

It’s a worldwide effort, and everyone in the process is crucial. One missing link, and a fully functional “leak” cannot be achieved. That impressed me a lot.

I have to say — piracy is not cool, and we already have Ghrida
sometimes people like me (dirt poor+a student without work) still need IDA pro as most of the tutorials / convenient steps are conducted via IDA pro.

Thank you for developing such a powerful tool; and sorry, Hex-ray.
(To be honest, by using a pirated copy, I got my…

At least it’s easier to maintain for me.

What is upstream, by the way?

If this article looked extremely easy, and you feel like it’s a no-brainer — it is.
However, knowledge/information should be shared no matter how simple.

Premise: you can’t set permission separately for files/branches. (It’s also not a good practice in version control scheme.)
Premise: your project is public for people to use, utilizing their own credentials for services.

Problem: It’s just a small project, and complex CI/CD scheme could be avoided — how do I sync my credentials onto GitHub(stored in the same folder for maintainability) without accidentally leaking it?

Answer: Make two repos and sync one-way between them. …

Only in your dream…..or?

The following combinations will introduce delay anywhere between 1000ms to 10000ms. My 10+ hours of research results.

  • ffmpeg after I frame tweaking
  • obs with tweaked settings
  • local rtm(f)p server with nginx+monaserver
  • loca rtm(f)p server with nginx+ SRS

And there’s no auth option for monaserver. EXPOSED baby.

It seems that WEBRTC will be the future rather than rtmp, but the time just hasn’t come yet I guess. Found no open source solution for it.

Rather than paid commercial software such as wowza, here’s the free solution that will work flawlessly and take only 6 minutes to set up.


  • AMD Relive…


在嘗試的過程中,我發現很簡單的github 手機遊戲外掛reposity,其實也可以搞得很有學問。


他們透過我寫在說明書中的指引,利用github上的issue tracker(討論版)來提出他們對外掛的問題,或是希望新增的功能。


如果沒有像這樣認真瞭解使用者需求的話,我就不會知道我的repo上最多的feature request其實是:



我還以為FGO這遊戲拿掉劇情就一無是處了,沒想到真有人會覺得Fate Grand Order這遊戲是可以「玩」的…..

如果沒有像這樣快速推出MVP的話,我就不會有慢慢完善product的空間,也很可能憑空想像出一些不存在的需求,拖慢time to market。

startup mindset惠我良多。

A rather harmless attempt

A meaningless & inaccurate picture of binary analysis!


It’s time to start the study in another new field, I think.

Learn to use IDA Pro seems like a good start.

By skimming The IDA Pro Book: The Unofficial Guide to the World’s Most Popular Disassembler (thank you, humble bundle), I decided to start from binary analysis. This book is also a suggested read by Hex-Rays.

Jerry Ho

A cryptographer, rigorous defender of civil liberties on blockchain. Trilingual in Mandarin, Japanese and English, I firmly believe in self-sovereign identity.

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