Extent or expanse of the mind

Ignorant. Quirky. Smart. Snarky. Quiet. Adventurous. Dull. Boisterous. Shy. These adjectives describe most people we meet in our lives. We usually either end up liking a person or wishing there was a ‘dislike’ key on facebook judging by how they chat on text messages, or by their minute to minute instagram updates, or by the wittiness of their tweets. I once read somewhere, person should either be clever enough to know the answer or brave enough to ask for the answer, determined enough to know the answer or talented enough to find the answer. Judging by the million likes this post got, I can safely say that most people would agree with such an assessment of the breakdown of personality.

Is this really the extent of the human mind? Or is there a middle ground? Do we really believe in black and white or is there a spectrum? I think most of us lie in the grey zone. We are more like chameleons in our innateness than any other animal. We don’t always fight when in danger, we don’t always scream when angry, we don’t always cry when upset or laugh when elated. Sometimes even the brave choose to sit back, sometimes the angry choose not to retaliate, sometimes hurt doesn’t pave the way for tears and sometimes joy is in serenity.

So what pushes us to categorize? I believe it is the want for approval and we ourselves choose those who are to be put up on that pedestal.