How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug for your Home Decor?

A rug is a Carpet or luxurious cover is a textile floor covering which is made from various materials like cat skin, woollen, thermal material etc. Small wool rugs are the talk of the day and are very popular. It is generally a floor covering which is made of animal skin or thick woven material usually not extending over the whole floor. Rugs can be available in various price ranges.

The ranges in prices are due to the difference of material used in the particular rug. For instance, rug made up of animal skin might cost heavily than that of the one which is made of woollen. As the cost increases the more porch look attained. They give a very rich look when spread in your living place. Te size area of the rug is very much important as that determines the elegance of the product. If a very small rug is spread over a big dining room, it looks insufficient. Whereas, if the size of the spread is bigger than the room proportion, they wrinkle more in the middle.

They provide practical, warmth and comfort warmth over a concrete, wood floor or tile wood floor, also providing cushion. They are also capable of providing artistic value to the design of a room. It acts as a frame for the floor and is also considered as the artwork for the floor.The size always matters a lot and it is always a big plan for the house owner as to where to use these rugs and in what size they are to be purchased. Therefore, the designers begin their work with the area rug first.

From the design of the place, one can choose different colours to paint the tiles and walls and can also throw paintings to complete the decor. We have to just make sure to use the rule of thumb. The area rug should have a length of a minimum of five to six inches and not more than two or three feet away from the wall. When we consider the colour, design and artistic work of the rug we must also consider the weight of the material. If we are going to use a round small persian rug in a large area, we can place it in the center under the light fixture. In a big hall way, we can just stretch the length to fill the empty space, leaving the even space on both corners for equal balance.