We’re Not An Agency!

We’re an organization striving to provide resources for talented and creative youth. The city of Boston is filled with so much talent. Due to the lack of resources and community support many of our talent flee to other major cities. A2Z Talent was created for promising youth who are not able to relocate! We’re bringing the resources to you. With opportunities to perform, quality mentorship, vocal coaching, and instrument lessons we’re cultivating America’s next big stars! But we’re not an agency. Our slogan is "Where we Focus on All of U” because we actually care about the well-being of our youth. Along with enhancing their talent, our youth are given opportunities to explore living a holistic lifestyle.

Our female members are enrolled in a workshop titled “Give Her a Mic” aka GHAM led by Grammy nominated singer Shea Rose. Through breathing and vocal excercises, Rose helps our youth to explore their body, emphasizing that “the vocal cord is a muscle.” The excercises, food, and discussion are followed by performances. Through these activities our youth are not only able to showcase their talent but are given the tools to strengthen their skills and live a better life.

Stay tuned! Our big fundraiser talent showcase is coming soon. The lineup is going to be filled with hot talent all over Massachusetts. You don’t want to miss this.

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