Different Types of Car Floor Mats

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Sep 27 · 3 min read

Different Types of Car Floor Mats

The best floor mats for cars should not only enhance the aesthetics of your automobile but should also protect the floor of your vehicle from dirt and tear and wear over a long period of time. Items like high quality car mats would also invariably raise the trade-in value of your automobile when you finally decide to get another car from a dealer.

What comes as a daunting task, however, is selecting the best car floor mats. This is because everyone wants a beautiful and durable car mat, and there are a wide variety of products out there in the market. To help ease the stress, we have curated a list of the best car floor mats that you can choose from, depending on your budget and needs.

What are Floor Mats?

Floor mats are materials that are placed on the floor or flat surface for different reasons such as protecting a surface from wear and tear or removing dirt from shoe soles. You probably have one of these in your home and office, or must have seen one somewhere. With this in mind, a car floor mat is a special floor mat made for cars to protect against dirt, salt corrosion, and possible wear and tear.

Different types of Custom Car Floor Mats?

Custom car floor mats are made from different durable materials, and the type of material that is used to make a floor mat would go a long way to determine the cost price. Let’s look at some of the materials used in making custom car mats and their benefits.

  • Carpet

If you have ever used a carpet in your apartment, then you would agree that they work great when it comes to trapping dry dirt. This is possible because of their synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon or polyester, etc. Interestingly, they are also effortless to clean, thanks again to their fibers. So a carpet car mat is perfect for anyone who wants a vehicle floor mat with easy maintenance. There are also a few carpet mats that can withstand wet condition due to their water-absorbing fibers.

  • Leather

Leather mats are some of the most beautiful floor mats for cars as they add class and style to your automobile. These mats are made from leather materials, which makes them quite expensive. With custom leather mats, no one would enter your car and not appreciate how desirable the floor is. While leather car mats are durable, cleaning them is not an easy task. You will need a vacuum machine and a carpet cleaner for proper cleaning.

  • Universal Fit

Universal fit floor mats are mats that can fit into any vehicle, regardless of the brand or model. Since they are designed for every car out there, universal mats don’t have a perfect fit for any automobile, meaning there will be some exposed areas in your car or it may be too big. Though they come with pre-made cut-lines for car owners who wish to trim their mats. They are also known as all-weather floor mats as they can handle both dry and wet conditions. Their prices are usually on the low side due to their universal nature.

  • Rubber

Rubber car mats are not only easy to clean, but they are also some of the most durable floor mats for automobiles. Unlike other types of mats that require special cleaners, you can easily wash a rubber floor mat with water and soap. And since they are water-resistant, there is no room for smell because they can get dried within a few minutes after washing. The downside, however, is that rubber mat can become dirty quickly, meaning it requires regular maintenance.

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