Model Making

The technique which i choose is ISHIGAMA, he has a very important theory. Here architecture is perceived not as shelter isolating human beings from the natural environment, but as a means of creating new natural environments. This means the technology requires us to combine the building with the natural environment to achieve a harmonious and unified effect. In my design, firstly, my design use a lot of concrete column, between them, the glass wall is used. In the natural environment, the concrete column is like the trunk, which can be very good to hide the main structure of the building. Besides that, the middle of the glass can be transparent, it not only can make people more close to nature, but also can hide the main structure of the building. In the next process, I make the complex architectural structure simplified. I change the circular structure into a square structure and decrease the number of concrete column. The another structure is to change the vertical cement column structure into a horizontal structure. The final process is to combine all of these idea into one building. In the final model, you can see there is a combination of vertical and horizontal structure.


Junya Ishigami : how small? how vast? how architecture grows(page 56)

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