BEING IN A COMFORT ZONE is just a concept. If you not accept it, you will not have any zone. You will have ONE ZONE - Your life. 
But if you accept it, now you also accept limitations comes with it.

So, if you accept that concept Then understand in this way;
1. COMFORT ZONE = Your current mental state and habitual state (90% of your behavior and personality)
2. COURAGE ZONE = Fears, Discomforts, And all the things you currently don’t have experience on or you don’t even try up until now. (10% of your behavior and personality).


According to this, there is no need to come out of your comfort zone. Just take one fear or discomfort from your courage zone and mix it in your comfort zone in a way that it start looks like a common habitual behavior . But take very small thing from COURAGE ZONE. Very very very small. That is how you start stretching your comfort zone. Day after another.
Best way is to draw a circle on paper and on outer side of circle draw another circle with dots. That outer dots circle will be your goal to achieve in a week. Now try to do little things you already picked from COURAGE ZONE and repeat this week after week.

Strategy Two; BLOW THE ZONE
If u don’t want to romance the comfort zone then make a list of your fears and discomforts and biggest hairy and audacious goals.
And pull the toughest challenge out of it. Go for it. Don’t think just go. If you go and achieve the toughest thing on chart, remaining will become easier or irrelevant.

Strategy Three: HABITS SYSTEM

It will take atleast three years.
Draw out a list of 12 new productive habits. Habits means things you want to be in your comfort zone after three years. Practice these habits for three years. This is slow but least risky but it take lots of discipline, persistence and effort too.

This is time to pick your strategy. Go for action. Live with Passion.