Firstly,lets know what is social media? social media is a jewl in this digital world ,where communication is done very fast with the vistors where you can share pictures,videos,exchange ideas,instant messaging & etc.some examples of social media are facebook,google+,twitter,wiki,linkedln,tumblr and etc

Second is, what is hyperconnectivity?hyperconnectivity means the whole caboodle is conversating like person to person,person to machine,machine to machine.hyperconnectivity means collaboration,making connections,groups of nodes,relationship and connections.

Now lets see,How social media helps hyperconnectivity?

Many companies are betting their future success on tight social network integration and data mining. For example,

software vendors are increasingly integrating social media authentication (such as Facebook user ID and password) into their own applications. This integration offers a level of convenience for users and opens the door for deeper analytics, leading to a better understanding of their customers needs and interests. The sharing of social media information works in three important ways:

1. It helps the software vendor gain a deeper understanding of their customers as well as their experiences with the related application.

2. It provides an additional channel of communication between vendors and users.

3.Finally, it leads to new personalization and interaction based on social media patterns.

Thirty-four percent of all respondents offer social media integration as a personalization feature for to their enterprise application users.This integration is at the heart of hyperconnectivity, as it plays a huge role in connecting the various forms of technology people use throughout the day. Other methods of personalization cited by respondents include more alerts and notifications and improved internationalization features, such as multi-language support


1.Facebook-It provides wealth of information post and each day thousands of people sign in

2.Linkedln- It is a professional site,to connect to many people, company and organization. strength in linkedln is for job seeking and networking areas.

3.Twitter- It is a public facing site where news and info are gathered and also a marketing tool

4.Google+-Unlike all it is a version of social media.

Last but not the least “amlooking4” is one of the hyperconnected social media network that helps hyperconnectivity for business and social life.

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