So you want to build a data business? Play the long game
Michael Carney

So Foursquare is predicting sales data for enterprise by spying with an always recording location app? Do their users know that their social check-in game is indeed a spying app that uses their specific location data ALL-THE-TIME?

Once I found out I uninstalled their app.

Most users probably think Foursquare is only capturing their check-in locations. Yeah, dream on while your privacy is broken.

What happens if the police or FBI is asking Foursquare to deliver the locations data they captured from a suspect? We had so much backlash on Apple protecting our privacy but here we have one company silently capturing all our moves? When do we get up, where do we sleep. Combined with other people’s data that also means who are we meeting.

Cheating on your partner? Busted, can be proven by Foursquare. What happens if a lawyer is demanding that Foursquare is giving out it’s location data for a supposed-to-be unfaithful partner in a marriage lawsuit?

Just add your use case to it.

It was a funny game once but it has broken into their users privacy!

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