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Recently, I thought it would be a good idea to modularise some of my JavaScript code into reusable packages. It started out as something very trivial, but I had to spend considerable amount of time into setting everything and get it working. This article is an attempt to summarize the learning, and create something useful.

To make things simpler and to reduce boilerplate code generation, I have created and published a CLI tool. The tool can be found on npm repository, and the source code for it can be found on GitHub. We will be using this CLI to…

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A brief introduction to Docker

Docker is a container platform, which we can use to package our application, with all it’s dependencies. We bundle everything, from system libraries to code to runtime to settings.. You get the idea. It takes away all the hassles of installing the dependencies on the host operating system, like or or any linux that you do before running any application. Remember dependencies section in any documentation, which asks you to do a lot of stuff? So basically, you spin up any system, install Docker engine on it, and run your containerised application on it…

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