Why Tyrese is the Worst Kind of Black Man to Black Women
Ezinne Ukoha

You know, Trumpanzees and these white supremacist groups are terrifying, but they’re the devils outside my gates. The hotep brotha problem and the bashing black women problem is a disease within my gates and that’s just as terrifying.

If Gibson had directed his anger about male bashing at all male-bashers (and not all women, or black women) he’d have a point. Male bashing is both evil and pandemic in magnitude, and it needs to stop. (On a side note, black women have largely been reluctant to participate in it, despite the likes of Gibson, or other worse examples). But Nietzsche once said don’t become the monster you’re fighting and by having a go at black women and broadbrushing black women, he became exactly what he despises. Worse yet what he did amounts to treason.

Furthermore his attacks on women for not meeting his standards are downright deplorable. How would Tyrese feel if he saw women bashing men for being short? And that deplorable behavior happens a lot (look up heightism on Twitter for an eye-opener). The “black women aren’t here for you” statement is epically true. No one is here for anyone.

I hate using the word ‘misogynoir’ but, welp, that’s misogynoir, son. Gibson you need to rethink your life. Three pieces of advice:

  1. Direct your anger at the offenders, not an entire gender or race. When you call out misandry, don’t turn around and become a misogynist. When you come to understand this, you’ll also outgrow your broadbrush disdain for black women.
  2. “My wife is black” as an excuse is even lower than white people saying “My friends are black” because you’re one of us, man. Stop betraying your own, and stop hiding behind excuses.
  3. Quit telling people how they dress or how they style themselves. I’m not a fan of fakeness but I also dislike eating pea soup. I don’t go around yelling at people for eating pea soup. Why does anyone have a right to tell others how to style themselves? Live and let live.
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