Kicking Things Off with the KAI Control Centre

Anupama Nair
Sep 29 · 4 min read

The KAI Gesture Controller was built with usability in mind. Therefore, the KAI comes along with software that lets you customise the applications of the KAI easily. This nifty software is called the KAI Control Center.

This Blog is a step by step guide on getting started with the KAI Control Center.

What you’ll need:

  1. A KAI Gesture Controller ( If you don’t have one, you should get it here… NOW!)
  2. A laptop or PC with either Windows or Mac Os or Linux.

Let's begin.

First, head to this link to download the KAI Control Center Application. You can download this application on Windows systems running Windows 7 or higher/macOS/Linux.

If you haven’t updated your KAI & it’s dongle yet, you will need the updater app to install the firmware updates. The Control Center will prompt you to make the update the very first time you connect a KAI. You can find the updater app for Android & Ios on this link.

All you have to do is follow the prompts on the screen and you KAI will be ready to go.

Now, you begin setting up the KAI for yourself using the KAI Control Center or the KCC, as we like to call it.

Step 1: Connect the KAI Dongle to a USB port on the Device. Then turn the KAI on. In case you couldn’t find it, the power button rests beneath the Vicara Crest on the KAI.

When the KAI is connected, you can take a look at its battery information on the right-hand corner of the KCC.

Step 2:

Begin IMU Calibration. Place the KAI face down on the table until the KCC reads ‘Calibration Complete’.

Step 3:

Finger Calibration. This process ensures that the KAI works perfectly for your hand. It allows the KAI to understand the size and shape of your fingers and allows it to pick up gestures better.

Choose the hand you’d like to wear the KAI on and hit Start.

Bend each of your four fingers down, one at a time, from the little finger, up until the index finger. Wait for the KCC to declare a successful Calibration.

Now, all you have to do is recreate the gestures as shown on the screen & ensure that each gesture is recognised correctly by the KCC.

Like so…

And so…

There you go! The KAI is now tailored to suit you.

Step 4:

Now you can start creating profiles to assign actions that correspond to applications of your choice.

  • Click on the Drop Down on the top left of the KCC and click on “Add New Application”. Then you choose the application you want to work with, from your computer.
  • Once the application is selected, you can assign gestures to actions. For this example, I have chosen Chrome.
  • Click on a Gesture of your choice. I want Chrome to open a new tab every time I perform a “Swipe Up” Gesture.
  • So click on record. Then press ‘Ctrl+T’ on my keyboard. Then hit the stop button.

Now you can remove or move around any keystrokes that are recorded if you see fit. Once done, click ‘Save Configuration’.

Step 5:

Now to Test it out. Open up Chrome and swipe up using your KAI.

Voila! A new tab has opened up.

It is that simple. Now I chose something simple to show you the ropes. But you could assign gestures to any actions as per your need. All you need to remember are three simple steps

  • Choose Your Application ( Create a Profile )
  • Choose Your Gesture
  • Assign the gesture to Keyboard strokes!

That is all it takes!

You can even integrate the Kai directly with your windows system and use gestures to switch between applications or perform general actions. The possibilities are limitless! You can take a look at our integrations on our website here.

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