Why we need to celebrate Teacher’s Day

Recognising a relationship which is not based on blood-ties or sexual choices (spouse, partner, etc.) & yet has been influential in one’s foundation is a true demonstration of gratitude without an ounce of obligation. So be it with celebrating Teacher’s Day.

While I am not one for anniversaries (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) I feel a day of recognising teachers & their relevance to one’s life, is vital. Why should that be so?

  • Teachers, unlike parents or spouse, only get to sow the seeds to bring about goodness in your life but not be included in every fruit you bear in your life. How often do people take their first born to or take vacations with their teachers? How often do they take their teachers on dinners to let them know how much they meant to them? Yet, a teacher continues to sow the seeds of goodness in every child with the hope that it will flower even though they might never get to delight in its fragrance.
  • In nearly every country where schooling is mandated, teachers are amongst the least compensated & often held in low regard (because of misguided notions of competence or impact). This is so despite the lip-service offered to the importance of education. And for teachers to continue to do what they do despite this is not easy.

Hence, I feel that a frequent pause to recognise the role & relevance of teachers in one’s life is a good social custom to follow. In order to avoid it becoming a ritual, we would need:

Teachers to

  • Pause & reassess how you are being relevant to any child. If all that you are doing is delivering content, then you will be as cherished as a comprehensive book. It is your choice.
  • Pause & reassess how you can build valuable relationships, for an individual is likely to remember how you helped him/her through a tough time rather than Leibniz’s rule. While being hugged & considered the “favourite teacher” is amusing, a wise teacher would go deeper & forge vital learnings & sow the seeds of goodness.

The Taught to

  • Pause & reflect on the journey to your present capability or character. Recognise the faces in there & reach out to thank them. They might not all be staff-teachers in your educational institutions. It might be a postman or a janitor or a junior or the one whom you called your enemy.
  • Pause & reflect on the virtue of sowing seeds for the goodness of an individual without an exchange or potential benefit. Recognise the faces that come to your mind as you meditate & implement that. Reach out to them & thank them for being the right example of being human.

Parents to

  • Pause & reflect on the immense contribution that teachers have made to their wards’ development & goodness.
  • Pause & admit teachers as alloparents of sorts & share the joy of your children with them.

In the absence of this conscious pause, I fear your country’s annual Teacher’s Day will become another day of cards & gifts & merry-making.

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