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*The company is registered in Europe,Spain to be precise with TAX ID (NIF): B88429436.
Earnings are in Euros. *Crowd1 Asia Pacific, Inc. is registered with the Commission on
Oct. 9, 2019 per SEC Reg. No.CS201917023* Therefore, Crowd1 is legit and legal conforming to legal Rules and Regulations.

  • A gambling company
  • A ponzi scheme.
  • A Crypto company.
  • Forex.
  • Developing games.

AFFILGO — is one aspect of Crowd1 that generates income for its members.As the first company ever, Crowd1 uniquely connects crowd marketing and online networking with online gaming in a unique and revolutionary way to generate income for its members without any member of crowd1 personally partaking in any sort of gambling but simply be a beneficiary of the commission earned by crowd1 from gaming companies.

MIGGSTER-- Another aspect of Crowd1 is miggster.The next revolution in Mobile Gaming, Social Gaming and Esports, have started!

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Crowd1 give all members worldwide the opportunity to via Miggster build a global organisation in one of the worlds fastest-growing industries! The mobile gaming industry is expected to top $100 billion by 2021, achieving a decade of double-digit growth - generating more than 50% of the global games market

Here’s a link for a quick video explanation for those who don’t fancy reading long articles

Crowd1 - Impossible Is Nothing!*

📲 *European company.* *Head Office in Spain*
*TAX ID (NIF): B88429436*
📲 Digital Tangible products
📲 One-time payment only
📲 No hidden/monthly/annual charge(s) or fee(s)
📲 Can upgrade to higher package
📲 Worldwide Education and AFFILIATE Marketing company
📲 Long-term Residual Income
📲 High-end Real-time
📲 Builds Your Assets
📲 The real earnings while you sleep
📲 💯% Legit; Legal
📲 💯% Earnings are in Euros
📲 💯% Guaranteed Unlimited Income
📲 💯% Compliant and Transparent
📲 One account policy only. To Register you must be at least 18 years old
📲 Additional extra/source of income
📲 Work in your own time/Flexible working hours anywhere
📲 Experience is not necessary

🛎️ *Johan Stael Von Holstein = CEO*
🛎️ *Jonas Eric Werner = Founder*
🛎️ *Peter Jakobsson = Global Network Director*
🛎️ *Jan Frostne = Area Manager for Asia Pacific*
🛎️ *Marilyn Buan = Asia Regional Director*
🛎️ *Johan Westerdahl = Chief of Sales*
💎 *Note: You can search their names over the internet.* 💎

👉 *The World's First 💯% Mobile Online Digital Business*
📲 Digital marketing
📲Crowd marketing/Crowd power/Crowd economy
📲 Online gaming
📲 Online education
📲 FREE Crowd1 Rewards.(CR1 Rewards)

👉 *SEC Registered In Manila, Philippines*
🖊️ SEC Registration Number CS201917023
🖊️ Crowd1 Asia Pacific, Inc. (Crowd1)

👉 *Worldwide Electronic Online Business*
📲 10Million members worldwide as of today and counting

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💰 Quarterly income
💰 Monthly income
💰 Weekly income
💰 Daily income

💰 Streamline bonus
💰 Education Package Sales Bonus (Binary bonus)
💰 Five level Matching bonus
💰 Fear of Loss (FoL) bonus
💰 Long-term Residual income (Network Level)


. Crowd1 has educational packages which can help you do other businesses or capacity building.

They leverage on people’s hobbies like online games ,sport bets etc to create wealth for its members.

. They have 4 packages of which you can buy any of them. You can buy with
* €99 --- 50k (white package),
*€299 --- 150k (black package),
* €799 --- 400k (gold package) and €2499 --- 1.25m (titanium package) .
Any of them will give you its equivalent shares.

. You get your dividend which is declared every quarter.

. There are 2 categories of people in this business.( a). You can be an investor only (non referring) that is you don't want to refer people, or you can't market the company etc,, you will still benefit. (b)You can also be an investor and a marketer(networker). Both categories earn but networkers earn more.

. How do you earn as a non networker? Because crowd1 is a global market, as soon as you join, millions of people joining after you from all over the globe are under you and you earn small cents on them which amount to millions within the shortest possible time. For example, I joined 2 weeks ago but more than 2 million persons are already under me. You will see the number and there countries of origin in your back office.

Remember as a registered member, you are a shareholder in CROWD1 so as a non networker, you earn every week , Wednesday precisely. It is called CROWD1 reward. The reward is dependent on the package you bought. For example those who joined with 50k gets 15 euro every Wednesday.
150k gets 75 euro, 1.2m gets 2500 euro every Wednesday. All you need to do is every Wednesday, login and claim your reward for the week. These rewards will be accumulating and the company will pay you a dividend at the end of every quarter.

What do I benefit as a networker? There many earnings in crowd1 All you need is to introduce 2 persons, one left and one right because it is binary system. As they refer theirs or you keep on referring, you are already a millionaire. Crowd1 is not into balancing of legs. They pay you on your bigger leg unlike other companies.

As a networker, each person you refer, you earn alot of money.
For example any referral joining with 50k the company gives you 18k (that is 36 euro) instantly in your account. Any person joining with
150k gives you 56k, 400k gives you 144k while 1.2m gives you 450k.

You also earn what they call monthly profit shares which comes according to your network level. You can earn as much as 300k, 500k, 1m or 2m naira monthly depending on the activities in your network. It is unlimited.

You also earn 10% of total earnings of your downlines to the 5th generation even if you resign from this business. Amazing 😍

You also earn affiliate bonus. That means you earn on your stronger leg. Just build one leg and you will be earning. That's why even if you don't know how to refer, if your upline builds one leg for you, you also earn with little effort on the other side of your leg.

You also earn what they call fear of loss bonus. All you need is to introduce 4 persons within the first 14 days of joining. You earn 62k if they join with 50k each. You earn 187k if they join with 150k each. You earn 500k if they join with 400k each . And you earn 1.5m if they join with 1.2m each. But if they join with mixed packages, you earn on the least package.

You don't need to work under pressure in CROWD1. Do it at your own pace. There is nothing like autoship, no target, no goods to sell, you don't need a shop, all you need to be a networker is your smart phone and introduce 2 persons. Even if you can't find 2 persons now,you still can join and enjoy other earnings and benefits.

Remember, crowd1 offers you educational .packages which can help you in capacity building. Don't neglect those teachings. They are very educative

Don’t neglect this opportunity. Forget the ugly past experiences in networking business if any and trust CROWD1. This is surely one big opportunity we have been waiting for. Join now, let’s work together to alleviate poverty.

Its mind blowing and its an amazing opportunity

Its a global movement and I bet u within the next 1-2 yrs everyone will be part of this movement

Imagine u been a share holder of this company, you automatically qualify to share d company's profit

Earning a profit share of this global and giant company that is rated no 2 in the history of multi level marketing company worldwide,

To enjoy the absorbing benefits of this generous company,CROWD1 that I like to describe as heaven on earth click on this link to register now

and if you will need me to guide/assist you on anything,please do contact me for more information on telegram via

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