The past couple of days has been intense for us at Beam Africa. While reviewing the post entries for the Beam writing competition, we had to manage the upcoming AMA with Senator Ihenyen on a very sensitive issue affecting the world at this delicate time — Police brutality and human right violation. The AMA with Senator was an outstanding success btw.

We had to juggle between promoting the AMA with Senator and reviewing entries for the writing contest, which was super fun and exciting, and we enjoyed every bit of the endeavour. …

The Beam Africa community was thrilled to have Senator Ihenyen as our guest during the first-ever AMA session to have held in the community. It was a highly interactive session that borders around the growing global concern of Police brutality.

The interaction was segmented into a first and second section. In the first section, the Host, Agbona Igwemoh, asks @Senatorihenyen questions, while in the second section, members of the Beam Africa community engage the guest with questions.

We’ll present all the questions asked, as well as the responses, as it happened during the AMA session.

First Section: Agbona Igwemoh (host)…

Hello Uptrennders!

Welcome to the Beam Africa sponsored writing contest!

Status: OPEN

Start Time: 8:00 AM WAT, Friday, 22nd May

End Time: 12:00 AM WAT Friday, 29th May

Details outlined at the bottom

This is a call to all the amazing writers on Uptrennd to the writing competition sponsored by Beam Africa!

Please ensure you read the contest topic carefully. Best of luck!

Prize Pool total: 150 Beam (Tradable on Binance)

  • 1st Place: 30 Beam
  • 2nd Place: 25 Beam
  • 3rd Place: 20 Beam
  • 4th Place: 15 Beam
  • 5th Place: 10 Beam
  • 6th — 30th: 2 Beam Bonus

Deadline: 1 week

All articles…

Good news Beamers!

We’ll be having some fun tomorrow, wanna be part of it?

Beam Africa will be hosting her first Quiz Competition on the 2nd of May! There will be lots to learn about Beam’s offerings, the mobile wallet, new features, developments and use cases.

Winners will be rewarded in Beam coins

Entry requirements:

1. Download the Beam mobile wallet through this link
2. Get conversant with the interface you can get some free Beams in the mobile app or with the community faucet
3. Follow our Twitter page
4. Join the Beam Africa community on Telegram
5. That’s all. You’re good to…

Members of team Beam led by Alex Romanov had an interaction with the Huobi Nigeria community in an exciting AMA session over the weekend. The session was moderated by Emeka Ezike, the community Manager of Huobi, Nigeria.

The interaction was segmented into a first and second section. In the first section, the Huobi community manager asked Alex Romanov questions, while in the second section, members of the Huobi community asked the questions.

We’ll present all the questions asked, as well as the responses, as it happened during the AMA session.

First Section: Emeka Ezike (Moderator) with Alex Romanov

Question (Emeka Ezike): Can you tell us a bit about…

In the earliest days, Blockchains existed mainly as networks of decentralized nodes acting as validation and security for the transactions of assets and data on the network. Today, blockchains have evolved to become capable of so much more. From having entire working financial and healthcare systems replicated on them, to global computers with the capacity to power Dapps and thousands of digital assets.

Also, the gaming and entertainment industries are not left out as more digital casinos are turning to blockchain solutions to enable more game speculators and risk-takers to bet, earn and send cryptocurrencies across borders and without restrictions.

2019 was a terrific year for the Mimblewimble implemented confidential cryptocurrency — Beam. Since the announcement of the project’s mainnet, on the 4th day of January 2019, Beam has been growing ever since from strength to strength. The Mimblewimble protocol held strong promise in solving Bitcoin’s privacy constraint on which a decentralized, scalable privacy token can be built.

Although Beam is still a relatively young project, one can without a doubt say Beam is regarded as one of the leading privacy coins in the crypto world, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes “The Go-To Privacy Token”.

Next halving is in 4 years

This is a basic description of the halving event.

Cryptocurrencies are constantly being mined/created over time. They serve as rewards to the people who use their computers to store information and maintain the integrity of that blockchain.

The number of coins created is fixed over time. For example, every 10 minutes, 12.5 bitcoins are created on the bitcoin blockchain. The same way, every 1 minute, 100 Beam coins are created on Beam’s blockchain.

Halving is an event that slashes the rewards by half. The programmers write a code for the blockchain to execute at a set time. …

The AMA is the interaction between Beam’s CEO, Alexander Zaidelson, and the Binance Nigeria community, moderated by Cyril Oghenegueke. The AMA took place on the 1st of December. The first segment of the AMA was a Q & A between the Alexander Zaidelson and Cyril, while the questions from the second segment came from the Binance Nigeria community, this segment was moderated by Cyril.

We had a total of 198 questions from the audience (incredible right?), unfortunately, because of the time factor, Zaidelson could only answer 13 questions.

Beam’s CTO, Alex Romanov was unavoidably absent for the AMA session, so…

We are proud to announce Beam Africa’s first AMA session with the Binance Nigeria community. We will be having members of Beam’s core team, the CEO, Alexander Zaidelson, and the CTO, Alex Romanov. Both of whom will be engaging members of the Binance Nigeria community, on questions about the scalable, confidential cryptocurrency we’ve all come to love — Beam!

During this “Ask Me Anything” session, Beam’s leaders will engage members of the Binance Nigeria community on the need for privacy, and how Beam can meet that need. …

Agbona Igwemoh

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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