Google has been a promising lot many things and they are quite keeping ahead of their timelines. Google announced a beta version of Android N 7.1 (which is fully running on Google Pixel) by the end of October for its flagship device owners, and here they are ahead of time with the latest 1263 MB (Whoaaa!)

If you are still not sure about what we are talking about here, enroll your device in the Android beta program and get the latest update right away.

Google Just announced tons of new hardware to the world with their annual hardware event today (Oct 4), unlike every year this year’s event had a new core theme. Everything they announced is hashtagged with #madebygoogle and that’s google’s giant first step in the world of hardware products preceding their own #Nexus hardware line with a strong product line.

Following are the glimpses of the new google products vs their old legacy flagship phones.

I believe google has stayed on its words this time. not before so long on google IO they came up with 3 new communication apps, and I thought ok great news! but it will really take some time to adjust their umbrella with already having many communication platforms of their own including Google+, Hangouts, Spaces, and Inbox.

But out of sheer surprise, google launched the first of its new apps called Google Duo, which directly puts itself into the other giant’s apps like facetime or Viber.

Facebook’s Virtual Dreams for Reality #VR

It hasn’t been long since I heard that the Palo Alto kid was attracted towards Virtual Reality and (trying to make a super Assistant like Jarvis in Ironman– ahh! that would be cool if he can!!).

in a recent interview with Magzter (Bryant Urstadt…

I know you think Gardening or Catching a Pokemon or Answering profusely on quora is “HOT” and it is .. i am no one to judge here.. but here are top 25 skills which the best Professional network Giant thinks .. and they are right because they will have Large Data to back this claim…

P.S. the list was generated at very end of 2015 so this is likely to be in thing in 2016


Hardik Chudasama

With the new wave of changes in technical field ,Companies are operating in the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ space have a potential to churn $750–900 million from the east Indian states, a study said.

According to a joint report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Confederation of Indian Industries, West Bengal — which has the sole metro city in the east — is the most likely candidate to make the most of the concept, which enables objects to send and receive data at all times and communicate…

Google’s always has cared for “sharing” (remember the first tag-line “Dont Be Evil”?) starting with their Staggering product line of Orkut,Chrome,Google + and You tube, sharing has been part of all of them.

Now in the era of their material Design Google has come up with something which collects them…

10th July|Ahmedabad:

The roads full of traffic, Heavy concrete buildings, and people running for their jobs, signals full of vehicles- all of these been the definition of the mega city. Well, All comes to an end when clouds covers the city in this quarter of the Anum. …


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