SocJus vs Fandom; New Mob Mentality — A Social Commentary.

With any fandom, it can scare away it’s regular fans. Much like claiming to be a fan of Star Wars, and suddenly getting asked ton’s of trivia questions — as If you know the answers.

That’s simply minimal in the wider-scope of what any Fandom has become now, largely in due part of the Internet, and the cancerous movement known as SocJus.

Recently Daisy Ridley was body-shamed by a Mentally handicapped girl in Denmark, which posted a meme stating how “Real Women Have Curves” with an Image of Rey from Star Wars — now what you may have opinions of this particular subject, The Body-shaming Pendulum has swung in the opposite direction; Whereas before shaming a woman for being fat was wrong, thereafter now we have “Fat acceptance”, and in an ironic twist, thin-shaming is now becoming a thing.

[The Fat acceptance movement has been pushed by in part of SocJus & Intersectional Feminism — so it has come with no surprise now the ones being bullied before, are now the bullies themselves.]

What occurred in this story was that Daisy Ridley unbeknownst of the girl’s condition came out to say that she is not ashamed for being thin & that Women come in all different body shapes & sizes — the Star Wars actor who has 1.4 million followers on Instagram came after the girl who dared to body shame the celebrity.

What curtailed was the Media in conjecture propelling this story viral, which chased the girl off the internet.

Yet this is not all. The original meme was orchestrated in an satirical review of Star Wars A Force Awakens, which the reviewer lampooning through Tumblr-eyes which can be read here.

A Meme so ‘dank’, the mentally handicapped girl took it as bait & used to body-shame the character Rey played by Daisy Ridley — and so this is what caused the eventual down spiral of backlash from the 1.4 million followers. The same writer recently came out and said….

Today I fucked up and made a meme so dank Daisy Ridley had her 1.4 million followers chase a retarded girl off the internet.

The article can be read here.

As for my own commentary on this particular subject? I find it cancerous of how such a movement has been led to a reverse effect where the bullied has become the bullies themselves.

Although the review piece was satirizing Tumblr lifestyle, the social site itself far from that, as they say Every Joke has a Kernal of Truth in it — and that is what has happened here.

Social Justice, as much as it wants to be seen as the light, ending of plight of other’s oppression, it has become an infection. Those in the Atheist community has seen this happen first hand when someone thought Feminism + Atheism was a good idea — which created Atheism+, a site that as fast it was unleashed, it got burned up & crashed in marvelous fashion.

In the case of SocJus infecting fandom & nerd culture, this recent story reminded me of another when a Steven Universe Fan was driven off of Tumblr for displaying her artistic fan art that quickly got criticized for, turned into a hate mob campaign against the artist & fan of the popular show.

I find similar cases such as this & a Steven Universe fan driven off by a hate campaign much as like Sonic The Hedgehog fan community — another disastrous situation in part of SocJus & Fandom.

Growing up back in the 90’s, I was a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. I even then once used to collect the comics — Heck I even own a Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie, given to me as a Christmas Stocking stuffer as a child.

And anyone who has searched up “Sonic the Hedgehog” on Deviantart, has probably ran into furry art — but even that is the least of the worry there — personally not my cup of tea, and that I don’t go telling people what they can or cannot draw or find sexually attractive.

In closing statement…

With any fandom, it comes with expectation(s) that can & will scare off even the regular fans away. …
As with SocJus, it has become where the Once Bullied are now the Bullies themselves
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