The Problem With Anti-bullying— an Opinionated piece.

Disclosure: I’m not a supporter of bullying — in fact I’m against it being only one-sided.

In the 90’s Zero-tolerance rules arose whilst promoting anti-bullying — The rule of thumb “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all” was just that, yet nowadays even mere legitimate criticism or reasonable concern has become in-part of that rule of thumb.

And this is where it has led us today. It is known as “The Thought Police”.
Whence the once bullied have become the new bullies themselves — To which you may ask, How & Why?

The answer is complex, but a simple example can be given when the once bullied has fostered loathing behavior towards another group, and that person’s goal drastically transformed into countering bullying, by ironically instilling the attributes of a bully — From shaming tactics, to ongoing harassment & even targeted abuse.

I’ve known, seen & particularly engaged with such people who are fine
targeting a person for something they did not like hearing or seeing.
From images, to dissenting opinion(s). Even the promotion of doxing others — Remember there are no “Bad Tactics, Only Bad Targets”- Bob Chipman.

Many of which have Moral standards who have lost sight of their goal, only to become the monster they want to defeat.

On Twitter for a certainty, there has been instances of people losing their livelihoods because of tongue ’n cheek behavior to expressing their anger
towards someone’s unpopular opinion — this main factor of course can be
applied to anyone; Having an unpopular opinion can easily grab a strong reaction of any group of individuals, yet losing one’s livelihood is going
one step too far.

On Facebook, censorship of such unpopular opinion is stricken with 
Temporary bans, ranging from 24/48hrs to 3mo’s & as for Pages that
in it’s nature to make light & fun of the Politically correct, shutdown.

In part of this movement of Anti-bullying, censorship has become the new bully, only enriching for one voice or particular opinion heard & expressed — and any such dissenting opinion is quickly quashed or discredited by projecting labels & negative connotations onto individual(s).

Person A “I’m not a Hillary Clinton Supporter”.
Person B > “You must be a ‘BernieBro’, or worse a Fox News fan”.
“BernieBro” is synonymous with ‘Bro Culture’, inherently perceived as
Misogynistic, Rowdy, Rude & mean-spirited — which has been coined by
Supporters of Hillary Clinton.
And “Fox News Fan” implying as Conservative / Republican.

This is a form of bullying, which one Opinion is highly regarded, while
the other is shamed upon — This can also been referred as bigotry.

Another issue with Anti-bullying laws is that they’re awfully vague in what
constitutes as bullying & by placing individuals in a role of authority to
sift through cases of reported alleged-bullying, this can also unfortunately
invite more problems than it wishes to solve.

I’m a firm believer of Free-speech, & that you have the right to ignore what
I or others have to say.

An upheld unpopular belief is far different than acting
it out — If someone were to commit such frowned upon actions, if it is found
illegally under the law, then that country or state, or rule of government & 
Individual is in their right to take action to prosecute that person in court.

Actions like Targeted Harassment, Abuse, malicious intent such as Slandering an Individual or an entire group, are all illegal & can be fought
in court or receive proper action in shutting it down.

The problem with this is, it’s often biased & that it’s inconsistent.

If we were truly apply these measures of anti-bullying, it would be served as a balance to any one having bully-like attributes regardless of political alignment, social or class status.
Til such a balance can be achieved to which I doubtfully believe it would — part of myself being optimistic, we must allow Free Speech to help combat both sides, not just one.