Choices: The Good, The Bad, & The Unintentional

I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. Sometimes I’m able to fit the pieces to the puzzle together right away but other times it takes months or even years…

Friday, October 14th through Monday, October 17th I took my first trip to New York. It was inspiring, it was tiring, and it was an emotional. And I didn’t even know if I was truly going to go until a few weeks beforehand…

September 1st, 2016 I started working for marketing and branding expert Jennifer Kem. I met Jen for the first time in April 2016 at Lisa Nichols, Speak & Write to Make Millions event in San Diego, CA. I didn’t think I was going to be able to make that event either. The price was about $1,200, for me and my fiancé, if I remember correctly and at the time we were putting all our extra money towards paying off debt. But I had to go to this event. I felt it… So I convinced my fiance to put it on his credit card, yes the same one we were attempting to pay off. You see a year or so before that event I met Lisa Nichols in person. I was working as a room service server at Hilton Carlsbad and was taking up an order to one of the suites. The door was cracked and I could hear old school jams floating out of the room. I knocked and this woman with such a strong aura of positively opened the door. “Oh, I thought you were my makeup team. Come in dear.” She said or something close to it. I was immediately enthralled. Who was this confident African American woman staying in one of the nicest rooms of our hotel? She told me she was a speaker and hundreds of people had traveled near and far to listen to her. I left the room but didn’t even know her name. I asked around the hotel but no one seemed to know who she was so I decided to ask the guests instead. They not only knew who she was but each participant spoke highly of her and how she had helped them personally and in their business. A quick google search and I found out that Lisa had been featured in the book, The Secret. My high school experience with that book is magical and a story in itself that I might go over later. Bottom line is I was determined to meet the lady with the powerful aura once again and when Speak & Write came it was my chance.

At Speak & Write Jen stood out to me because despite her confident presentation she reveled that she was an introvert like me. I knew I wanted to learn how to market myself and future business from her but I couldn’t ask to charge anything else to the credit card lol. So I decided to sign up for a course in Free University and followed her Facebook group Paid To Be You Posse instead. A month or so afterwards she put up a post that she was looking for a social media intern. “Yes!” I though. “This is my chance to learn from her.” I immediately responded both on the post and by sending her my resume as requested and then… nothing. Months passed and I didn’t hear anything back. I forgot that I applied actually. In the time frame that passed many changes had taken place in my life. I was spiraling into a dark place and knew something had to change but wasn’t sure where to start.

A few weeks before I was asked if I was still interested in the Social Media Manager position, I was on the path to getting my life back in order. I had quit all my jobs that were proving to be toxic to my soul, I was finally starting my long overdue healing process by seeing a (gulp) therapist, and I was determined to find a way to make money in a way that I enjoyed plus was flexible to my schedule. The highlight to my life was the fact that I was in the running to be Fashion Tech Designer, Madison Maxey’s, virtual assistant. I found Maddy on Instagram when I first started my insta blog, Wearable Tech Blog, now called, Journey to Success. I didn’t know much about her but it seemed like she knew what she was doing in the Wearables space and I wanted to learn from her. Later I found out that she had grew up in San Diego, had been on Forbes top 30 under 30, and had her own business in Brooklyn, New York working with companies such as Google. (drool) This was my dream job! And what do you know when I got hired by Jen she mentioned she was hosting an event that following month in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, New York.

I figured this couldn’t be coincidence and decided that I would have to let go of my pride if that meant the chance to met Maddy, Jen, and my awesome online team (Jen’s business is based in Hawaii so I get to work from home). I picked up the phone and called my parents, my grandma, and anyone else I figured would be willing to donate money, earned travel miles, or even advice. After some begging and my school finally paying me (nearly 6 weeks after I was expecting it) for my internship I had enough to go to New York! I remember almost chickening out when I bought the plame tickets and AirBnB. My trip was nearly $1,000 including the $300 volunteer fee I had to pay. That was a lot of money and we could use new… nope I clicked buy before I could talk myself out of it. And now I want to cry and hug myself for doing so.

Funny thing is, I didn’t get to meet Maddy. I wrote her but she never got back to me. Maybe she got busy, maybe she found someone else (she was looking for someone with more Illustrator experience), or maybe my email got lost in cyber space, I don’t know. But I’m glad for our interaction all the same because that was the extra push I needed to convince me that New York would be worth my investment. And it was and so much more. If you don’t already know, Jennifer Kem, is a marketing beast. She’s changing lives in a majorly good way and on a blazing path to success. I’m so happy and proud that I got the chance to get on the team at this level.

What I love the most is this new environment I’m surrounded by. Growing up I didn’t have many female friends. Honestly, most scared me. I felt more comfortable hanging out with guys because they seemed more honest and simple to be around. While there are a few guys in the tribe Jen has attracted an amazing group of women who are loving, supporting, and full of drive. I’ve never been in a group like this and I can no longer see my life without it. I know that the choices I had throughout the years, the good, the bad, and the unintentional have gotten me to this spot right here and I can’t be more happy for it.

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