Less than 24 hrs

I think that I’m about to be sick. In less than 24 hours I will be getting on a red eye flight to NYC. After I land I will be meeting my travel companion Marie, (who I've never met by the way) and we’re going to go explore Brooklyn. I also still have a hw assignment due and I need an outfit for the all white party I’ll be attending Saturday.

I’m excited but nervous and fighting back my fear. Every now and then I’m overcome by it. What if I can’t keep up? What if I look like a fool? And then I go back to excited again. Because I know this fear. I’ve felt it several times before. And it usually leads to big things. Let’s just hope it’s good this time lol. But seriously I have no idea what to expect from this trip and normally that would drive me crazy, but I’m working on changing that.

When I look back on the great moments in my life they were almost never planned. Yet I’ve allowed a few mistakes from my past to make me fearful of most new and unexpected things. Good thing I have the ability to change. And now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest hopefully I’ll sleep easy tonight and rest up for the hectic, scary, fun, and wonderful journey I have ahead of me.

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