Andrej Ilisin Shares His SEO Secrets

How to Succeed at SEO in a Highly Over-Saturated Market

If you run an SEO company or service like Andrej Ilisin does then you’ll find that you come across a variety of different clients in a range of different niches. Depending on the nature of your advertising campaign, common industries looking for SEO include:

· Legal firms

· E-commerce stores

· Real estate agents

· IT support

· Car insurance

But two of the very most common clients you will get are undoubtedly web design companies and other SEO companies.

And the most naïve of them will want you to get them to the top spot on Google for ‘web design company’ or ‘SEO services’.

These people have good intentions, they have are excited about their new business and they really want to succeed. What they don’t realize is that the industry they’ve chosen is insanely oversaturated and that they stand no chance of ranking for those keywords unless they’re willing to invest a small fortune. And to an extent, the same goes for many of these other niches too.

So what do you tell them?

What Would Andrej Ilišin Do?

It’s at times like this it pays to think like a pro. What would a top internet marketer like Andrej Ilišin do if he had only a small budget and wanted to compete in a super competitive niche?

The first thing to consider is that you can’t rely on Google. You’re not going to rank for a high volume search term for a long time yet, so you need to make sure that you have traffic coming from a variety of sources. Better yet, you need to make sure you have business coming from a variety of sources.

To be honest, a web design company doesn’t need to rank at all — it would be much better with direct marketing and by posting adverts on sites like Elance and even Warrior Forum.

Content Marketing

Meanwhile, you should look to the strategy of those popular bloggers in the niche like Andrej Ilisin and start using effective content marketing.

That means writing in-depth, unique and fascinating posts in your niche that are written for your visitors and not for the search engines. You can then share this to social media and at the same time hope that it works for long-tail keywords — natural and obscure phrases that people type into Google that more precisely match your content.

This takes time but if you are consistent and good you will build trust and authority in your niche and essentially get decent traffic to any site.