Not all POC are the same.

i should be MORE conscious even though i am a person-of-color, i am quite privileged as an indian in the US.

even though i’m gay, i’m privileged as a man. (should i be saying male-bodied cisgender person?)

and as a person who was born to a financially well-off family

and as a person born with US citizenship

we shouldn’t just ask white people to check their privilege. EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT.

people of color, gay people, poor people, EVERYONE can have forms of privilege.

so yeah

i’m high and feeling antsy. bitches on tumblr probably came to similar conclusions a long time ago.

fuck. as I was concluding my thoughts, i realized that I hadn’t considered able bodied. And being born into the dominant species of our planet. a species that is just destroying everything in sight. (are we really the most dominant species or is it some type of virus?) anyway, this graphic scares the living shit out of me…and then makes me incredibly sad. humans and the animals they raise to eat have taken over the fucking planet.

biomass of all land mammals on earth.

wild mammals includes elephants, rhinos, giraffes, gorillas, polar bears, and everything else. it blows my mind every time. puts the size of our world — and our impact on it — into perspective. O_o

i don’t know what else to say. it seems so simple. it all comes down to treading as gently on the planet as possible…so everyone else can enjoy it just as much as i did.

enough for every man’s need. not enough for one man’s greed. i stole that from Gandhi.

anyway, i also wanted to talk about r/LateStageCapitalism.

r/LateStageCapitalism is my new favorite subreddit. it makes me laugh. not joyful. but haha-we’re-all-fucked-so-might-as-well-laugh-lol kinda way. but it’s still a laugh and i’ll take it.

who is america?

and AOC.

AOC — that’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s officially unofficial acronym, as I just learned yesterday — is so inspiring. (i don’t care much that r/LateStage hates her.) and i am one of her (let’s hope) millions, but probably hundreds of thousands — i really hope for the sake of this country that it’s more than tens of thousands — newly acquired fans. the syntax in that sentence, this sentence, this whole blog is shit. but who cares. em-dash/en-dash/stfu&-dash.

if i wasn’t a flaming homo, i make it my life’s mission to woo and convince AOC to marry me. But since I am a flaming homo, instead I watch youtube videos of her and imagine what it must be like to be her best friend and confidante.

this is in my bedroom. i got the frame from a street yard-sale in sf and it lay around for almost 2 years and survived two purge (AKA zero-waste minimalist) events. i’d say we’re almost 80–85% there. michael says we don’t have to be perfect. but it bothers me.

High by: KIVA Chocolate THC:CBD::1:1

Music by: Street Sweeper Social Club that slowly shifted to Indian Raga.