How i fell in love with chandler more than Joey☺️🤔 🤗

Been a while I started watching repeatedly Friends 🤘🏼, watching friends on Comedy Central as become a habbit😬 part of my life I can say🤗. Crazy pheobe buffet, lovely Monica geller, sexy Rachel Green, witty Ross geller, Hot & cute Joey and my favourite Chandler bing😻. Joey is everyone’s favourite 😺 mine too but I have few reasons to love chandler more than Joey🤗.

He always cared about Joey and supported him 😻 Won’t you love if any one does same to you🙋🏼?I know you will when you see the episode where chandler invents and plays CUPS game😁 .Lovely isn’t it? And when he kissed Joeys girlfriend and feels guilty about it🙉.

He’s famous for his one liners and sarcasm but I love him for his honesty. Nobody forget annoying Janice and where he can’t get over her 🙉🙈.How adorable he is in the episode where they win Monica’s apartment in a bet ☺️that’s my favourite episode and I know what’s his job “ Statistical analysis and Data reconfiguration” 😻 Yay see how much I love him.I felt as he’s little me when he feels heckles and he are same 😌 then Monica comes to his life and everything changes😇😍 . That scene is lovely where he proposes Monica ,who thought they would fall in love so much 😻.He’s most adorable and finest actor,isn’t?🤔 “ let me think, let me think oh I don’t care- chandler bing😃