When I’m 50… I’d Rather Be…

Today I’m 26 and a recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in finance. So much potential in my life. What do I do with my time and energies? Do I pursue meaning? Do I pursue joy? How should I make decisions? Should I take up a cause or become possessed by an ideology? Should I try to change the world?

These are questions that I think about.

At my core I’m a pragmatist, I like to choose things that work. This blog will serve as a guide to my pragmatical approach to life so that when I’m 50 and my bones ache, I will not have many regrets in life but will have a deep sense of meaning, satisfaction, and happiness. I will sort myself out (shoutout to Jordan Peterson). I will develop a more honorable and virtuous character and mindset. I will experiment through A/B testing. That which improves my life, I will keep and build on. That which brings a detriment to my life, I will set aside.

When I’m 50, I’d rather be satisfied and content with the life I’ve lived, with the man I’ve become than to be filled with resentment and bitterness at who I’ve become.

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