My Love for Food…

In these past twenty years of my life I have tried (emphasis on the word “tried”) to pursue many different hobbies: soccer, guitar, dance and even fencing. All of these were great, but eventually there came a time when I got bored and would no longer seek to pursue them anymore; in other words… I would quit. Even though I loved playing soccer, I hated going to practice. Even though I loved playing guitar in front of friends and family, I hated going to class. There seemed to be a pattern where I loved the end result but despised the process that would get me there.

However, cooking was always the exception.

Food was always the one thing that I never got bored of. Not just eating food but also making it — whether it be cooking or baking. No one ever had to force me to learn to cook; it’s just something I have always loved to do. Cooking has never been a ‘burden’ for me; in fact, it has always been something that calmed me down. Whenever I had a bad day at school or at work, I would just come home and cook. It never solved a problem, but it would calm me down and allow me to think more clearly.

Many musicians and dancers remember the exact age at which they started to learn their art, but I don’t remember the exact age that I started cooking or when I developed a love for food. But what I do remember is coming home from school and trying to guess what my mother made for lunch based on the flavorful aroma coming from the kitchen. I also remember hiding food around the house so that I would have something good to eat on days that my mom made a sabji that I didn’t particularly enjoy. I even remember a ten year old Akshi sitting in a plane and wondering whether moving to America was a good decision. Not because she was worried about how she will make friends there or how she is going to survive in the schools with her limited english but rather because she knew that she would not find any golguppe walas in America. And she could not magine living the rest of her life without having anymore golguppes. (Thank God for Indian stores that sell golguppes and Mumma who makes some boss golguppe pani.)

Throughout my food journey, there have been many dishes that I have prepared that have turned out great but also many that have not turned out so great. Both instances have been opportunities that have helped me learn and grow as an amateur cook. I intend to use this blog to document all of my successes and failures in the process of expanding my culinary skills.