MatchBX: A Status Update

Nov 8 · 2 min read

MatchBX was slated for release in Q2, however, we’ve decided to change our direction after a series of strategy meetings. Due to reasons such as heavy competition and a saturated market, we’re choosing to postpone the launch of the new MatchBX platform indefinitely. We’ll still have the tech and the platform available for use when we want to utilize it for escrowed transactions of AXPR, but we’re choosing not to go ahead with its launch.

We think the freelance market is very bloated, and although there is a need for change in moving these different platforms over to a decentralized crowd jury system, as we were doing with Kleros, we don’t think we’re the ones to herald this change. Launching MatchBX and scaling into a successful position would simply divert our focus too much from Resolvr, Bilr, Digital Shares, and most importantly PayBX given the similar retail demographic. We think that operating a successful freelance platform can be much like a whole project in and of itself, and this would not create revenues to sustain the AXPR ecosystem nor the core aXpire business.

Our hope is that this doesn’t come as a large disappointment. The reality of the situation is that our focus is now much clearer, both from an outside perspective and from within. We have our competency areas, notably within payments, and that’s where we’re focusing in full. Being able to explain what we are and what we do is immensely powerful when talking to clients, partners, and so on. MatchBX simply did not, and does not, fit into the overall aXpire vision.

As for the burn aspect of MatchBX, our refocus is not going to cut down the amount of total token burn as scaling the platform to a position where it would burn in larger quantities would divert focus from our other products, which burn in higher quantities per signed contract. We think focusing on our other products will lead to more revenues, which means more burns, essentially.

Stay tuned for further news and updates on our other products’ launches, as well as on news of client negotiations for Resolvr, Bilr, and Digital Shares. To be clear: nothing has changed on any fronts except for MatchBX.

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