What is aXpire and the AXPR token?

Oct 17, 2018 · 3 min read
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While keeping in pace with our ever-changing world, we look for solutions to more effectively streamline and manage the cost of doing of business. These solutions must change as our problems do. It is only natural that new technology should address these constantly arising challenges, and with the quickly progressing world of blockchain technology, aXpire aims to issue a productive and effective response.

What is Resolvr?

At the heart of this vision is Resolvr, aXpire’s primary spend management software. Resolvr operates on a myriad of levels to cut out unnecessary costs. Through utilizing facets of machine learning, Resolvr not only eliminates the need for traditional methods of bookkeeping but also takes data (such as invoices and expenses) to build a streamlined customer database, effectively controlling spending and maximizing profitability. Resolvr also features a sleek UI designed to create an optimal experience for users, which include aXpire’s $24 billion AUM hedge-fund client, as well as others who have entered into talks with the company. In fact, aXpire has already filmed a short feature presentation with CNBC to help promote Resolvr to potential customers all throughout America. For holders of the AXPR token and blockchain enthusiasts in general, aXpire is bringing a medley of things to be excited about in the near future!

What is MatchBX?

What is AXPR?

While it’s not always easy to tell what the future may hold, ambition is certainly the recipe of success, and aXpire has a lot of it. The aXpire team is working diligently on the products, sales, business development, and community building. It’s important to remember that aXpire is not just aiming to be another blockchain start-up, but rather a legitimate presence in the spend management space.

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